Mastering Yourself 

​"Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering Yourself is True Power." – Lao Tzu ________________________________________ Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

Not every day is perfect 

Not every day is perfect, but we will always have a Choice. To either let our current circumstances and feelings dictate our day... Or we can take the Good and Knowledge earned from this day, and keep it moving. "Get from the day, don't let the day take away from you." ______________________ Part of my... Continue Reading →

Though not perfect 

Though not perfect, I am grateful for the life I have had. Because of it, I know what I know, and I know who I am... I know what I'm made of (strength.) ___________________________________ Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

Thoughts & Words

Thoughts and Words are powerful. It's something I have been learning, and testing on myself for years now. And I will speak more of in future posts. But, just for the thought of the day, I want to ask you. What are you thinking of?  What are you seeing and feeding your mind? "A man... Continue Reading →

Pain = Progress 

I want to note before I say my Thought. I recently kicked up, and am focusing on my health. So I've been on an All Natural Detox Cleanse, and I have also been Fasting, and Exercising. (All supervised, and according to my own bodies health requirements). So my thought for the day is. Pain =... Continue Reading →

More than once

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher _____________________________________________________________ My part of the "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

Let go

I learned to let things go. Not everything is meant to be held on to. I don't mean just people, I mean everything!! Everything that doesn't benefit me (advance me), including emotions, thoughts, and feelings... etc. ____________________________ Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

The time given

I am Grateful for the time I am given. I try to waste less of it every day. I try to use it more wisely. To spend it on things that matter, things that will progress me in my life. ________________________________ "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge "

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