Welcome, my name is Karen Viramontes.

I am an Entrepreneur. I am in the Health and Wellness industry. I’m a small Business and Success Coach. An Author. Family is my Foundation and God is my Source!

My family is actually the inspiration behind this blog. This blog will touch on Health, Mind, Lifestyle and Writing. All of which I am very passionate about, and have focused on since 2011. 

“What good is knowledge, if it’s not shared to help others.” -Karen Viramontes 

I’m big on the improvement of oneself. This is the foundation we must first build upon, and focus on in order to get what we desire in life. When we conquer self, everything else becomes easier in life.

I also like to help Promote and Collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and anyone trying to make a difference in the world. If this is you, feel free to contact me. There is strength in collaboration and numbers!

~ Karen Viramontes