Chit-chat with KarenV.

Hi everyone! So I have some explaining to do. This will just be a quick rambling/chit-chat on where I’ve been.

In May I had a little accident, which I thought wasn’t bad until I re-injured my knee two more times after the original incident. Yeah, I know, I’m shaking my head too. I can be stubborn when I want to do something and in my mind I’m Wonder Woman. Lesson learned and noted.
I’ve been stuck in bed and have a new best friend named “crutches” who I use less and less as time goes by. I’m slowly making progress, but it will still take some more time till my knee is 100%.

On top of that I’ve been battling sciatic nerve pain on that same leg… That thing hurts! But, I’ve managed to get it somewhat under control. So literally all day every day I’m working on my knee and that leg.

My time is literally consumed with knee/leg stuff. Then add to that frustration from not being able to move around much and enjoy summer. I had to get off social media as much as I could, because watching people enjoy life kind of made me depressed, lol. So I started focusing on keeping my mind positive and releasing all this pent up energy by exercising my upper body. I’m pretty happy with the results I’m getting, but my lower body sucks.

Which brought to mind, that I should have probably used my injury as a temporary added section on my blog. Then after thinking, I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Anyways! I am feeling better, and my knee is making slow progress which is putting me in a great mood so I will back soon.

*Note: I had so much planned for July, but none of that will happen now… I had a fun photo shoot set up so I can make my grand reveal on my blog, and you all could finally know who I am. But, that will come at a later date now. Everything is being pushed back… Talk to you all later, take care.

Love your’s truly,

Karen Viramontes

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