Health: My Reason Why 

This is the reason why I wanted to add the Health section on my site.

I know this may seem a little off from what I have been doing. Most of my supporters, now friends, first started following me because of my writing/poetry. So when trying to introduce health into this blog, I hope I still continue to get your support. It’s a big risk I’m taking, in making this step. But, I have a bigger vision… I want to try to help others, by sharing my experiences.

Change in life, starts with self. Let me start by telling you a little about myself, and my health issues.

Growing up I was super healthy, active, strong, my mind was always sharp, confident,  resilient, unstoppable and a very bold personality! (Don’t get me wrong, I had manners and was respectful. But, I also had no fear.) Lol. Life hit hard a couple times, but I still managed to grab life by the horns and take things head on.

2010 is when I started to really notice a change. Sluggish, Sleepy, Foggy brain, my upper arms started gaining fat! My hormones were also off, because I became more emotional than usual. As I get to thinking more and more, I think my issues had started in 2007, when one of my co-workers had said to me. “Karen what happened? You used to be the best and fastest in this position. You’ve slowed down.” Now, I hadn’t notice the change, but I did notice hormonal changes then. To me I was still doing my job. In retrospect she was right, I wasn’t as sharp.

Between 2007 and 2010 I would lose weight and gain my average weight back. Down and back to normal, consistently up until 2010. Now, I went to Doctors but they always shrugged it off as stress and other small things. So I had stopped going to Doctors. I wasn’t going to keep wasting money going to different Doctors, simply to get the same response. They all said the same thing, and never did any blood work, or would just schedule me to come back..? Yeah!

From 2010 on forward I noticed a slow but steady weight gain. Drastic hormone changes that actually gave me cystic acne! Which was so embarrassing, and only helped along with my new found friend, Depression. And I would start to slowly have other health issues. Issues like dizzy spells, iron deficiency, organ problems with my intestines, stomach, pancreas, etc. You name it.

In 2015 I got really bad. I had gone to more Doctors, but they just kept taking my money. On May 2015 I was so close to going into a coma.
My brain was literally shutting down, my whole body was. Luckily, someone mentioned a Doctor they loved, and I went. I explained my problems, He actually listened! And asked me questions in return, and decided I needed a “Blood Panel” taken because it sounded like many different things, and he wanted to make sure he knew exactly what he had to work on with me. Yes, he said it like that! ‘What he had to work on, with me.’

Now the blood results came back. “Hypothyroid” that was my issue. I got meds and boy did I avoid going to the emergency room! He was right, I started noticing a difference. Like my whole body was waking up. But things with some organs got worse, because like with all medications there are side effects! I had to stop taking the meds. I was getting severe headaches. More severe stomach and intestinal issues. So, I started doing research and focusing on one problem at a time.

My first issue of business was my Thyroid, how can I pump that little sucker naturally again. I can’t handle medication, and I don’t want to end up in a coma. I finally figured that little sucker out!

The second issue was tackling my blood and heart. I needed to jump start those things also. In My Mind, if I can get my Thyroid functioning and boost my blood and heart also, they would both help get things running in my body. To spread the hormones and get things working, and where they need to go.

I added Vitamins to my health lifestyle, and a hair, skin, and nails supplement. And started working on my stomach and intestinal tract. Note, that doing things naturally takes a lot of time, patience and persistence. My list went on and on until I gave every organ a boost, and now here I am 2017, and I’m not 100% yet, but I am so much better than before. 

No more intestinal pain, inflammation, etc. Everything is functioning properly now in that area. My stomach I don’t have problems with much, I just can’t have too much salt, sugar, or oils (fats), But my body naturally rejects it, and I don’t crave or have the taste buds for it so no problems in that area. My hair is healthy and flowing again! *grinning from ear to ear.

I knew the depressive state was from my hormones and Thyroid not functioning. So I still keep up on my reading and understanding on the brain, and where thoughts come from as to just have knowledge of it (if I get depressed again.) I believe knowing what you are fighting against, and tackling it from different angles gives you an advantage over the problem. But, the depression is under control because my Thyroid and other things are functioning well.

To wrap it all up, my intention is to help recognize that most of our problems usually start with our health and mentality. My health was bad and gave me hormone imbalances, which affected my actions with people and my personal life. I have it under control now and I’m almost back to that little girl I used to be. The one I described at the beginning of this post.

Future posts will hold information on the things I used to give my body a boost. And hopefully some Collaborations with other bloggers with more experience in other areas of health. Until then, make it a great one.

-Karen Viramontes 

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