“I am who I am”

“I am who I am”

I am who I am, I was originally made. I was hand-crafted with my own looks, I was molded with my own thoughts. And you can either like that for the better or not.  See, I wasn’t made to fit into the “Social norm.” To follow others into the mental wilderness of past traits, that’s so unoriginal, so methodical…

I am who I am, I have the power to choose. That’s a power that most lose, and I must say that most fail to regain, to attain, to consolidate with themselves again. Whether you believe in the Most High or not, we are all given the power to choose. So, I understand you can either love me or hate me, stand by me or betray me… Either way nothing that you say or do will break me. Because I choose!

I am who I am, just like you I have a mouth to speak. I speak, but unlike you I speak with words that defend that portray who I am. That have knowledge and wisdom to grow who I am, to help grow those who can. See, I understand that light defeats darkness any time any place, it’s already a won race.

I am who I am, just like you I have ears to listen. I  understand that what goes in can land on the heart. That repeated suggestions will always find a place within to take root. That to everything there is always a start. So, instead of speaking nonsense, I’ve  learned to speak to your heart. With me it’s never an ending it’s always the start!

I am who I am, just like you I can see. But, what I choose to see is different from you into eternity. I already know horror, pain and defeat. I already know excuses, fear and retreat. Experience has bought me the sight to see other than what I have been known to have already seen. I choose not to damage my life span further than it’s already been. Because unlike me, you choose to be what you’ve seen, because it’s all you’ve known and you choose to let it linger within your heart and soul.

I am who I am, just like you I can feel. I’ve been hurt and trampled on, but I chose to heal. I know life can be hard and people are a fickle creature. But that doesn’t mean that life is over, what you think is eternal is only temporary just look at your life and tell me… Are you still in the same situation you were in 5 years ago? Did you learn, did you grow? What happened after that, that led you to where you are now? I learned that things are only temporary, so I make sure that I let nothing phase me.

I am who I am, just like you I have flaws. I never said that I was perfect or superior. And I know regardless of what I say or do, some of you will still think badly of me. But remember this, nothing anyone does anymore surprises me, because I’ve seen it and heard it all. Unfortunately, there’s no original thinkers anymore.

I am who I am and I love who I am! I am who I am and your approval is not needed. Do you understand?

Karen Viramontes ; January 5th,2017

©Copyright; All Rights Reserved.

Original ‘I am who I am” post.


I wanted to repost this for my new followers. Hope you enjoy.

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