Forgive Yourself To Forgive Someone Else 

I learned that when you can Forgive yourself, you can actually Forgive someone else. It’s part of the healing process. No matter how you put the relationship, it always takes 2, (to make or not make something happen) even if it’s only one person putting in their all, and the other person puts in nothing, it’s still 2 people.

Take a moment not to over think, but to reflect. When? What? Where? Have I made the same mistakes with this person as I did in the past? Usually you can find a cycle. 

Then go ahead and try to track as far back as you can remember where this person started to change… How they acted. Did they have some similar traits you fall for? What’s different? Where could you have seen the first red flag? Important questions as such.

Write it down and learn from them. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and losing sight. Then write the other person a letter or tell them what you need to say respectfully, and forgive them.

It will take time to heal, but I promise it will be a great weight lifted off your shoulders. *the only mistake I’m doing is holding in the water works, I know I need to just let it out but… ⬇

*Note: I guess since I’m going through this, I will be writing about it in more depth and detail. (There will be a revised version of this post) And boy oh boy, do I have some poems coming to you all. Lol… I guess I will be holding off on the new content I wanted to post first (for my site Relaunch). I have to get all this out of my system first, in hopes to prevent others from going through my pain.

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