Thoughts & Words

Thoughts and Words are powerful. It’s something I have been learning, and testing on myself for years now. And I will speak more of in future posts. But, just for the thought of the day, I want to ask you.

What are you thinking of? 

What are you seeing and feeding your mind?

“A man who controls his mind, controls the world.” -?

“A man distracted is a man defeated.” -?


“Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge”

8 thoughts on “Thoughts & Words

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  1. I am reading a few blogs right now, so I’m thinking about what I read, about how everyone has struggles of their own and i wish I could hug people and make it okay!


  2. At work, we are two days removed from the end if fiscal year and I am thinking about how much our department resembles a chicken coop. Employees are scurrying around gathering documents and invoices us such frantic states. Thankfully I have my headphones on. 😉


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