How serious are you? (NY Summit)

Hey everyone! I just flew in from New York late last night, so I am some what of an exhausted mess after a long weekend… (Can someone please get me some Coffee!?) But! I Learned so many new things, and I am so excited! As I said in yesterday’s post, I was at an all Women’s Leadership Summit and let me tell you! Phenomenal women were there!

I was very grateful and appreciative for the nuggets of Business and Success Knowledge they were giving us. I took notes on almost all the Ladies, but more so on the ones who made something out of Blogging.

Like this one young lady. She started a blog on traveling… She now is a Brand Ambassador or Sponsored by “Expedia” and travels for free if she promotes them, and also gets paid to promote “Dove”, yeah the body soap! She said it took commitment and consistency. “To just build, keep going and eventually you will get there.” 

There’s a lot of things I learned. And I am grateful for the lady I bumped into on Instagram. If she would have never found me, I would have never found out about this Summit. Hash tags are powerful if you know how to use them. And Communication is key! Building relationships!

So now I will be applying some of the things I learned this weekend, especially yesterday, and see what happens. I’m an Old Soul with a Child like Imagination. I believe anything is possible!! Sorry, this post is all over the place… I still haven’t had my coffee. Ha!

I Learned that knowledge is out there, it’s part of life seeing how serious you are about what you want. It’s by seeing if you will seek it out (knowledge) or just be lazy and comfortable. If you want something, go get it. But, what is it that you want? 


Part of my “Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge”

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