Pain = Progress 

I want to note before I say my Thought. I recently kicked up, and am focusing on my health. So I’ve been on an All Natural Detox Cleanse, and I have also been Fasting, and Exercising. (All supervised, and according to my own bodies health requirements). So my thought for the day is.

Pain = Progress (into the right direction.) 

Progress isn’t supposed to be simple. #life

“Yesterday’s work out has my body so sore it hurts, and yet feels so good.”


Part of my “Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge”

8 thoughts on “Pain = Progress 

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  1. Good for you! It’s always challenging but will be that much more rewarding in the end! The more you push yourself the more you’ll learn about what your body and mind are capable of. Wishing you positive results!😊💪 ~Anne


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