I learned that when you don’t make any type of decisions in your life. Those decisions will usually make you… It’s like giving up control of what you once had control over… Willingly.

Kind of sad if you think about it. Because, that’s when most people will usually start blaming others and life, for the horrible direction their lives went in. #responsibility

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  1. Settling not to act is only for the dead.
    It is far better trying and failing then taking responsibility of your mistakes, and while in the process, hurting yourself, than not acting at all and feel dead inside.
    Taking responsibility of your actions is a sign of maturity and the desire to live and grow.
    Insightful post, Karen. 👍


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking last night about what I have “Learned” as I’m doing the “Positivity Reset : 60 Day Challenge”

      And I wrote the first part and I sat there. And thought about it, and the rest came to me.

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