Bear with me: Relaunching 

I know some of you are wondering why I’m not posting my usual posts, and instead posting these short posts. I’m finishing up my “Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge”. I do part of it on here, and the other part on @karenviramonteswebsite and Instagram @karenviramontes_com. Please follow if you haven’t, guaranteed quality!

Also, I am relaunching my blog. I want to expand a little more in areas of subjects. So I will be covering “Health, Mind, Lifestyle and Writing”. I will still write the same way I do, and you will continue getting the same as before, content wise. Only better!! Trust me it will all correlate in together. 

Plus!! Free Stuff!! Who likes FREE stuff??

It won’t matter where you live, if you follow me (this blog) and want to get free stuff, you will have the Opportunity to do so. This is still a work in progress for later in this year, so bare with me.

Best regards, 

❤ Karen Viramontes 


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