Don’t hope!

Don’t hope… Believe!!

When you say, “I HOPE.” You are wishing for it to happen… You are waiting for some Magical source to make it happen for you.

When you say, “I BELIEVE.” You are Claiming it! You are declaring it! You are willing to do your part to make it happen! You will work for it!

God will meet us half way If we put in the work. He said, “I help those who help themselves.

One thought on “Don’t hope!

  1. So true, “Don’t hope… Believe!!” In the Bible hope mean something totally different then the world means by it. The world says I hope for this and that as it is a wish list. In the Bible hope implies it will occur. Took me awhile to understand the differences but now I have so much hope for the things that matter. Great post Karen. Thank you.

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