“When you truly put yourself out there, and you show people what you can do… Dreams can really come true. -Karen Viramontes

Unfortunately, the word vulnerable has a bad connotation. If you make yourself vulnerable or put yourself in a vulnerable position you will get hurt. Vulnerability is a bad thing. But, there is always a Positive in a Negative, as there is a Negative in a Positive. Everything has two sides. Always! Google’s definition of Vulnerable is:

Vulnerable definition from Google

And then there is as Sigmund Freud, best put it.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

So why fear vulnerability?

What kind of life would it be to live in fear, and let fear dictate your life!?

Yes, to a certain extent you shouldn’t share too much with people. They can absolutely use it against you. This is where knowledge and wisdom on people should be applied. We gain this knowledge and wisdom by Learning from past experiences. Not letting those experiences defeat us, but empower us with knowledge. We can also gain this knowledge and wisdom from books, and hearing other people’s stories. We shouldn’t build walls, but boundaries. There’s an old saying, “That a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.”

Regardless, you should always give others respect. And expect to get it back, but if you don’t, be strong enough to walk away. Respect yourself enough to walk away. This reminds me of something I wrote last year.

“You get what you pay for. You pay respect, you get respect. You do your time, you get your time. Don’t value yourself, I won’t either. Don’t take yourself seriously, neither will I. It’s so simple, it’s one or the other. Your Choice! Your actions determine my interactions with you… This ain’t just me, it’s also the rest of the world.” -Karen Viramontes; All Rights Reserved.  

One more thing before I get to what I really wanted to say. We can not change people, People must be willing to change. They have to make that decision themselves. No matter how much we want better for them, all we can truly do is “Try” to Inspire them to change. You will get hurt if you think you can change someone. Take for example the fable of “The Scorpion and The Frog”. The Scorpion gave the frog many reasons why it wouldn’t kill him. In the end, the Scorpion said,

 “I could not help myself. It is my nature.” 

If you still think you can change someone, and you end up getting hurt. Remember, “It is in their Nature.” A quote I live by is:

“If helping you is hurting me, I have no business doing it.”

Anyways, back to the word Vulnerable. I put myself in a vulnerable position and decided to take a chance on a passion of mine… To start a blog and write my little heart out. I have never been more content in my life. And doors I never knew of keep opening up for me, to other greater things.

I am going to take more chances like this in my life. I’m addicted to being vulnerable in this way, and to see what may come in the future. If I’m happy and content now, what more can come? This is the kind of vulnerability I like. The vulnerability that makes you stronger, wiser, braver!! The one that makes you realize that you are finally Living Life, and enjoying it for the first time. That is the word “Vulnerable” that I know. Not the one defined as a bad thing.

Best regards,

Karen Viramontes

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  1. Karen, this is a timely post. I think many of us here in the U.S. are feeling rather vulnerable. I must admit I have never thought of it as a positive force. Thank you for this insight.


  2. Agreed. Particularly in the choices you imply. Every one has the choice. The choice to be kind or mean. To do or not to do. “to be or not to be”. 🙂 Most people chose not to chose. I will support your choice. Be good.


  3. Bring vulnerable can also make some one relatable in humanities eyes so it can also be a strength set when viewed in that manner like the way crying and letting emotions out sometimes can be a healthy thing instead of holding it in and allowing emotions to poison our very being ✌😁


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