Thought, Growth, Add, Change 

It’s the 2nd of February 2017! I want to review on some of the things I’ve done thus far. How things are going, and how I’ve used these four words to help me through: Thought, Growth, Add, Change.

I’ll start at the beginning, which was December of 2016. Like everyone else, I was building my “Goals” list, and waiting for the New Year to arrive… By mid-December I was just sitting there at my desk, staring at this list. I started adding smaller goals that led up to my bigger goals. When I was done with that, I sat there again just staring at that list and waiting for 2017 to start…

Wait! Now, as I was sitting there a thought came to me. “I’ve done ‘Goals’ lists before, and started them and never finished. I really need to do something different to push myself, to motivate myself. What can I do differently?” Let me see if I can explain this and show you what I did. Keep in mind I am naturally a competitive person by nature. But, to do this myself with no competition other than myself, is a little different.

There’s a saying that when you change your words you change your world. So I had made this decision in my mind, this commitment that I would face my fears, and I would challenge myself to gain more instead of losing. No matter what came my way.

This may seem odd and weird to some, but the first words that did come back to me were “Fear” and “Challenge”. So I re-named my smaller goals “Fear” because I would probably come up with some excuse not to do them, or I honestly had a fear of doing whatever it is. And I dislike being called Chicken or that I’m Scared.

I named my main goals, my bigger goals, “Challenges.” Because the challenge was to cross all my fears to get to my biggest Challenges. Haha, this is bringing up old memories of “The Mario Bros.” Nintendo games. Where you have to face so many fears and challenges in order to get to “Bowser”, the biggest challenge of all and defeat him. I used to be a big gamer girl. Anyways!

We all talk to ourselves every day, and we believe or start to believe what we say. So why not say things that would lead me to accomplishing the things I want. Again, I repeat I’m different. Everyone is! Not everyone does the same thing exactly like the person next to them.

So I figured all this out and the plan was set. I was still just sitting there looking at the plan, waiting for the New Year to start. I know, I know. I caught myself. I shook my head and looked at a small mirror I have on my desk and said, “Really!?” Right then I chose 3 things off my Fears List and bam! In a matter of minutes knocked them out. The next day I did it again, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Before 2017 started I had knocked out 3 Challenges off my list.

Yes! I was personally kicking butt before the gates to 2017 opened up for the race to start. I had realized this race was my own. I really wasn’t competing with anyone else, so I didn’t have to wait for 2017 to start. This was my responsibility, no one else is responsible for what I’m doing or need to do. And let me tell you, It feels Great!

Now, everything is still going well. I’ve hit a couple small bumps, mainly on my end with scheduling. A couple times I had to rush to put things together and I really disliked that… Anything I do, I want it to be quality work and I want to be known for that. I came up with a plan already to hopefully help me, so testing phase is in progress.

Random picture right? The words in the picture don’t match the title of this post. I’ll get back to this picture a little later. On to those four words I did mention earlier: “Thought, Growth, Add, Change” in that exact order.


Demand more of yourself. There is always an opportunity for improvement in yourself. When a problem arises which it will, identify the problem and find a solution. Everything has a solution, a way out. And review your day, your actions.

  • What did I learn today?
  • What can I change?
  • What do I need to change?
  • What can I do differently?
  • How could I have approached that differently?


This is Key! Rise above all the negativity instead of getting your feelings involved. Always check to see if there is anything to learn from the situation. Take note of it and release it. It’s done and over with, you can’t do anything more with it or about it. And there is no point in replaying it because it has nothing new to tell you. This is growth, rise above and keep it moving.


“The biggest battle you will ever face is the transformation of your mind.” ~?

Add ammunition to your arsenal cabinet. Instead of giving ammunition away for people to use against you. For the negative thoughts that will attack you, and the negative feelings that will try to get in the way. There’s an old saying, You can’t bring a knife to a gun fight.”  Know what you are up against.

Be ready to fight back with the correct weapons.

  • You get a negative thought, catch it and counter it with a positive one.
  • You start getting that/those weird negative emotional feelings. Catch it, counter it with knowledge. Say out loud to yourself,

“Feelings are unreliable, they are always changing.”

It’s the truth!

  • Someone attacks your character or a part of your past. Unless you are amazing with words, I recommend silence. Actually, silence can be powerful on your part. You’re not giving them any fuel to keep the fire going, and their mind is confused and/or working over time to figure out how to get a rise out of you. Keep your composure. Remember, the real problem is within themselves and has nothing to do with you.

Depending on the situation there are one of two sayings I remind myself of.

“People will always judge that which they do not know or understand.”


“There are two reasons why people will speak badly of you.

1) Jealousy/Envy 


2) They are trying to justify what they do.”

Point is, never stop adding ammunition (knowledge) to your arsenal. Always be ready for the different fights you will encounter.


Change the things that need to be changed.

“If helping you is hurting me, I have no business doing it.”

Personally for myself, if I’m not continuously evolving, growing, learning, changing and challenging myself. Then I’m doing nothing with my life. And I know I wasn’t born just to be basic, I was destined for something big. Also, if I’m not being encouraged, motivated, challenged, empowered, etc. By those around me besides myself. Then I need to change something in my life to get these things into my life. Why? Because I, like you deserve so much better than we’ve gotten.


Now back to that colorful picture collage with the words on them. I am going to test something out on here and Facebook and see how it goes. I love that part of building something yourself from the ground up. You can test things, you can make mistakes and learn from them. You also learn about yourself and what works for you. So start building the life you want!

7 thoughts on “Thought, Growth, Add, Change 

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  1. This was such a inspiritional post! It’s so ggod to hear of someone who is really motivated to achieve their goals and improve themselves! I loved this post a lot!
    love, elena


  2. Wow! What an amazing post. So many insights in one place. I particularly liked your statement: “There are two reasons why people will speak badly of you. 1) Jealousy/Envy or 2) They are trying to justify what they do.” So freeing! 💫


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