Nothing new to tell

With Karen Viramontes 10.

A lot of people struggle with the wilderness of bad thoughts and memories from their past. Sometimes seeming to obsess over them, like a broken record playing over and over again. While life goes on, they’re stuck in what was. I used to be one of them for a short time.

Now, I’m going to get a little real here. These people are stuck in the past, they have the victim mentality and excuses for everything.

  • They are very emotional.
  • They think they can’t move forward. 
  • People are attacking them.
  • Life is against them.
  • They have bad luck in life.
  • Make poor choices. 
  • Think their life is over

And many other things, this is just basic. It can be worse for others, depending on how their minds processes the situation(s) that happened.  It can lead to self mutilation, thoughts of suicide or suicide. It can get worse just depends, some hold rage inside and you can imagine what that can lead to.

Now I’m not a Psychiatrist or a Professional on this subject. This is what I have seen personally first hand and experienced myself. With also some research through out the years and talks with Psychiatric professionals. I did this research in order to help myself get out of the hole I had mentally put myself in. I wanted to fight my own demons, I wasn’t going to go down like that! Not my life!

I had to seriously ask myself:

  • What good is repeating the past really doing me?
  • What kind of way is this to live? Life is still going!
  • What new thing am I really learning from repeating it? Nothing!!
  • What productive lesson can I learn from it? Learn it, and Now move on!
  • Is there really something I can do now to change it, that I have to continually think about it?

There were some other deeper personal questions dealing with my situation(s), that I had to ask myself and after that I researched how to change my thinking. I wanted my old self back! 

“Let’s always seek to identify the source of our problems and find a solution.”

Now below I posted a picture of the affects stress has on the body. During the time I was in this hole I had created in my mind, I had noticed most of these problems. I carried most of it on my upper back, head, and digestive system. This isn’t just with stress… Because stress, anxiety and other things you are doing to yourself, have some of these symptoms and/or worse.

Photo credit to:

I never and still don’t understand how people can live like this. Stressed, angry, sad and all kinds of other stuff, all of the time. Because it made me physically sick, it was literally toxic to my body… I guess their bodies can handle more, or have become accustomed to it.

In the future I will touch on mental health and physical side effects. It’s something I’m passionate about. If I can get out of it, I would like to help someone else get out of this trap we make for ourselves. 

Just remember, worrying and continuously thinking about the past isn’t helping you any. It’s done and over with. It’s not doing anything but putting you in a mental jail. While life goes on.

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