Fantasy into realities 

Before I share my thoughts on this quote I must first say. I am very grateful! And I find it a blessing that we stand on the shoulders of great and powerful people who left us knowledge, wisdom, and advice for us to learn from. And if we have enough guts to believe, like really believe! Then apply what they’ve said. Yet, most people just glance over the work of the greats and never really mention it again. After a while it’s long forgotten. All they say is, “I’ve read all those books.” And that’s it, end of story.

I think one of the most amazing things that humankind has been given is the ability to think, to imagine, to create! To build anything we want! Not just for this world, but for our own life. We can do anything! And anything is possible! Why reach for the sky when there are footprints on the moon!?

Yes, there will always be people who will try to trample on our fantasies (ideas, dreams, goals, etc.) But, we must remember. They don’t believe how we believe. They don’t think how we think. They may have at one point believed, but weren’t hungry enough to stick around and fight for their dream… Success is not for the weak.

‘People will always judge that which they do not know or understand.’ I’ve said this in a past post, and you will probably see me repeat certain things in future posts. Because if there is one thing I know, is that ‘Repeated suggestion will always find a place in which to take root.’ So I repeat things, good things so they can empower you.

There is no such thing as luck. Luck is created. See what I take away from this quote is that if one is truly lucky, to work hard for and create your dream, and fight for it. Until all possibilities have been exhausted. The day will come when an opportunity will present itself and you will have no other choice but to succeed! And when you succeed you naturally create opportunities for others to grow and succeed as well. Thus, ‘a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.’

The actions we take in life, good or bad have a ripple effect. Whether we see it or not those around us are affected by our actions, words, and the vibes we send off. We create our surroundings ourselves. We must take ownership of that and understand it.

I am working on my fantasy, and to be honest since I started doing that I’ve never felt this happy. I’m excited about the future and feel accomplished by the small steps I’ve taken. My reason ‘Why’ I am in pursuit of my dreams is why I stand strong in my conviction to succeed. I’m not here to please people, I’m here to help those who want or are in need.

*Note: I was thinking of my younger brothers as I wrote this. So in a way, I was speaking to them. I still do appreciate you guys taking a bit of your time to read this.

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  1. I’m with you on creating a path in life with the experiences of the past in mind. Control what you can, adjust and learn from the unseen challenges. AND, write what is important to you. I like that because that’s what I do too. It’s fun on WP.


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