Dear Mic,

With Karen Viramontes 7.

Dear Mic,

I stand here before you/

My senses heightened/

My hands clamy/

My heart racing/

My breath shallow/

My words jumbled/

And I can even feel every sweat droplet seeping out my pores/

I can hear the people shuffling at their seats/

Some staring directly straight at me/

With those eyes/

Those looks/

What could they be thinking of me?/

I feel my body starting to freeze/

Everything seems to be moving slowly/

Even though nobody can see/

I’m fighting a war inside me/

Fear, doubt and worry/

Keep trying to knock me out/

Before I even try to open my mouth/

While there’s my hopeful side/

A side I haven’t shown/

Saying, come on you’re ready, let’s go/

Then I remember growing up/

They told me that vulnerability is a sign of weakness/

But I know it’s also a sign of strength/

So I take a step forward/

And look directly into the light/

Just to help me black out everything in sight/

As I reach out for you/

I keep telling myself/

This is my moment, my first time/

Come on you’ve worked so hard/


You’re nervous/

But they also say if you’re not nervous that it means you don’t care/


This is what I’ve wanted!/

A moment I’ve dreamt of all my life/

I’m here now/

In this very moment/

And the tips of my fingers finally found you/

As I get my grip on you/


I won’t let go/

I step closer to you/

Thinking this has taken me so long/

I can’t seem to get my words straight/

I completely black out/

I can’t see, I can’t think/

All I can do is still feel what’s around me/

A few seconds pass/

Finally, I can remember the first word/

For my very first ever Spoken Word show/

What seems like forever/

Has only been but a few seconds or so/

I hear a voice speak/

Which seems to be coming from behind me/

I look around startled/

That voice is Me!/

I have no idea what I’m saying/

Because the stage I’m performing on/

Is just simply a dream.

By. Karen Viramontes; January 15th,2017;

©Copyright; All Rights Reserved.

This is actually true… One day I will get enough courage, and find an Open Mic Night and do it! I’m so ready, but still so scared. 

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