Dear Mic,


Dear Mic,

I stand here before you/

My senses heightened/

My hands clamy/

My heart racing/

My breath shallow/

My words jumbled/

And I can even feel every sweat droplet seeping out my pores/

I can hear the people shuffling at their seats/

Some staring directly straight at me/

With those eyes/

Those looks/

What could they be thinking of me?/

I feel my body starting to freeze/

Everything seems to be moving slowly/

Even though nobody can see/

I’m fighting a war inside me/

Fear, doubt and worry/

Keep trying to knock me out/

Before I even try to open my mouth/

While there’s my hopeful side/

A side I haven’t shown/

Saying, come on you’re ready, let’s go/

Then I remember growing up/

They told me that vulnerability is a sign of weakness/

But I know it’s also a sign of strength/

So I take a step forward/

And look directly into the light/

Just to help me black out everything in sight/

As I reach out for you/

I keep telling myself/

This is my moment, my first time/

Come on you’ve worked so hard/


You’re nervous/

But they also say if you’re not nervous that it means you don’t care/


This is what I’ve wanted!/

A moment I’ve dreamt of all my life/

I’m here now/

In this very moment/

And the tips of my fingers finally found you/

As I get my grip on you/


I won’t let go/

I step closer to you/

Thinking this has taken me so long/

I can’t seem to get my words straight/

I completely black out/

I can’t see, I can’t think/

All I can do is still feel what’s around me/

A few seconds pass/

Finally, I can remember the first word/

For my very first ever Spoken Word show/

What seems like forever/

Has only been but a few seconds or so/

I hear a voice speak/

Which seems to be coming from behind me/

I look around startled/

That voice is Me!/

I have no idea what I’m saying/

Because the stage I’m performing on/

Is just simply a dream.

By. Karen Viramontes; January 15th,2017;

©Copyright; All Rights Reserved.

This is actually true… One day I will get enough courage, and find an Open Mic Night and do it! I’m so ready, but still so scared.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Mic,

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  1. Ah! Very well put. All normal feelings for that first encounter with the mic, the lights and the audience. Carry on! You have found a place to stand from whence you can move the world. Hmm…that’s a bit profound but you know what I mean. Interesting post.


  2. I love how you build such anticipation here! Your meter draws me in, set up by dramatic endings to each line. I wish you all the courage you need to make your dreams come true.


  3. Wow, what an excellent description o first time jitters. My heart was pounding. First time or hundredth, im not sure one ever gets completely over the jitters of presenting oneself to an audience, big or small. But preparation is the key. Nice post.


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