One’s philosophy 

When you truly love yourself, you don’t let certain things happen. What is your philosophy?

I copy and pasted the definition Google gave me for the word.




  1. the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

    • a particular system of philosophical thought.

      plural noun: philosophies


      “Schopenhauer’s philosophy”

    • the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience.


      the philosophy of science”

      synonyms: thinkingthoughtreasoning

      “the philosophy of Aristotle”

I’ve met a lot of people recently who have taken “Philosophy” and “Religion” classes in University. And some who have read “Self-help” books. And I find it funny that even though they studied these things and read an obscene amount of literature on these subjects, they are still confused and lost and haven’t applied the teachings or lessons they’ve learned…?  Seems like wasted time and money to me.

This is why I say this… And maybe this is just me and my own way of thinking but, I believe for it to be true, just like you have the right to believe for it not to be true.

When I was a child I was so hungry for knowledge. I literally loved the “Discovery Channel”, “The History Channel”, etc. I loved reading, I loved breaking things apart and putting them back together the best I could. I would explore the outdoors by myself. I would go up to random strangers and sit with them, and they would tell me their story. I was fearless! I was on a mission!

Anyway, out of all I did on the hunt for knowledge and wisdom. I took what I felt was most important to me from everything and everyone I met. In the stories I heard from people, I took from them the good things they said about their life and decided I wanted to apply some of that to mine. From their difficult or bad experiences I took with me the lessons they learned or didn’t learn, I made the choice sometimes, because I realized some people didn’t learn from their situation.

Needless to say that at a young age I didn’t just learn, I understood that for every action there is a reaction. We have the power to make a choice! Not only a choice for a certain situation, but for the outcome to the rest of our lives. It’s ultimately our own responsibility how we act and react toward things. No matter how difficult and daunting it may seem at the moment. You always have that power to make choices you can be proud of.

Some people tend to make things seem more complicated than they truly are. They can’t fathom that to make a decision, a choice, is simple. This reminds me of something I wrote early on in 2016.

“You get what you pay for. You pay respect, you get respect. You do your time, you get your time. Don’t value yourself, I won’t either. Don’t take yourself seriously, neither will I. It’s so simple, it’s one or the other, Your Choice! Your actions determine my interactions with you… This ain’t just me, it’s also the rest of the world.”

-Karen Viramontes; 2016 ©Copyright; All Rights Reserved.

Yes, words are beautiful but cheap, yet they hold so much information on the person who is speaking them. So, we should learn to listen better. We can pick up on some stuff.

Choices are actions, and actions will always speak louder than words.

“The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.” -Andrew Carnegie

Everything is our responsibility. Sure, there are things out of our control. We can’t control others or situations but, we can control the outcome. We can’t change other’s unless they make that decision for themselves. No matter how bad we want better for them, we can only Try to inspire them to change.

We will always have options, and we will always have a choice to make. Some might argue, that I’m wrong and I don’t understand their situation. Let me tell you, there is no situation out there in the world you can’t get out of unless you are being held against your own will by ruthless thugs.

Now if you’re too prideful, fearful, or your ego is too big to ask for help or find a way (there is always a way!) Then that’s a deeper issue you need to fix within yourself. That’s a different subject I wouldn’t mind touching on at a later date, separate post.

But, to get on the subject again. Yes, you have options in life. You have choices to make. Will this situation defeat you or will you rise? I’m not saying it’s easy either… Some of us will sit on an option/opportunity we can take now, until we get enough courage to take it, to change our situation. Lord knows I myself have been there. 

Build your own philosophy, grow your knowledge and wisdom. Never stop learning, the moment you give up on yourself, your life, your knowledge base. That’s the moment your world will start to wither away around you. Surround yourself with positive people, people that challenge you to grow and level up. Network! The more people you know in different industries, the better off you are in your life, it’s called survival. Think about these things, don’t just read this post and wait for the next one. Apply or hold onto what speaks to you! Study it.

I find many things funny that people do, but one that makes me shake my head is when people say they will read the Bible in one year… Okay, so it’s a challenge but, what will you have really learned from it? If you really want to read something and learn from it, you need to read sections at a time and marinate on it for a couple days or weeks. Use thought, reasoning, truly think about what you are reading, and depending on the subject maybe apply it to your life to see if it’s something you want in your life or not. This isn’t meant to be funny, this is our lives I’m talking about. 

*Sorry guys and gals, when I get passionate about something I can keep going… But, I really have to force myself to stop on this one. Feel free to comment, challenge me, give me your thoughts. Request something else you would like for me to write on, or if you want me to continue on something else I mentioned in this post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-Karen Viramontes

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  1. ” If you really want to read something and learn from it, you need to read sections at a time and marinate on it for a couple days or weeks. Use thought, reasoning, truly think about what you are reading, and depending on the subject maybe apply it to your life to see if it’s something you want in your life or not.”————Thank you Karen Viramontes for your wise thoughts and ideas.


  2. It’s surprising how so much of me was told in this…I have always felt our personal philosophy is just as important as the philosophies of these great men. And truth be told even though I’ve had similar thoughts I couldn’t have expressed those thoughts as good as you did


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