Time may be free.


“Fear not that your life will come to an end, but that it will never have a beginning.” -John Henry Newman

Each one of us has a certain amount of time to experience life. To love, to lose, to learn, to grow, to carry out our dreams and become what we’re destined to be.

But, most of us fail to realize that from today on out our time is cut shorter. We start losing time and none of us know how much time we have left. Our individual life span is a mystery.

We also fail to realize how precious our time is! We give ourselves too much time to accomplish the things that need to be done… That idea makes us waste too much time. The idea of having so much time makes us comfortable. It feeds our lack of action, which in essence makes us waste time, we kill time!

See, there’s no replacing lost time.

There’s no gaining or asking for more time.

There is only loss of time.

We all hold the power and capability to prevent wasted time, killing time! This is where we need to realize that there needs to be a mind shift. So that we can succeed, so that we can prosper and become what we are truly meant to be. Are we really thinking about what we are doing before taking action? How are we spending our time?

Are you worried?

Are you anxious?

Are you fearful?

Over thinking is a waste of time. If you are, it only means you have too much time on your hands and you’re not doing. What have you got to lose? Can your fear answer that question? Go out there and do something, anything! And don’t stop until you have ultimately exhausted all the options. This is your life!

What are you passionate about? What is your “Why”? Because if you don’t know why you’re doing it, you won’t know why you’re doing it. And letting fear, worry, and anxiety dictate your life is no way to live. Keep fighting! Don’t let anyone take your dream away, it’s yours!

This isn’t a joke! You’ve got 86,400 seconds, how you use it today is all that matters. Stop damaging your life span. There needs to be a transformation of how we use our time, an appreciation of the time we are given, your dreams! Value it! Use it wisely. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. And one day you’ll wish you had more time, and that’s what you used up the worst.

You’ll get there, it’s your dream. Just keep working at it over and over and over again, and do it again and again and again. I promise you you’ll get there. And all the hard work and tough times you will go through, it will be worth the time you put in. Value your time.

 “Time may be free/ But mine is not/ See, I value the time I’ve got/ My mind set is this/ That my life span/ From today on out/ Is cut shorter/ So my time is less/ Than what most think we got/ Time may be free/ But mine is not.” – Karen Viramontes (March,2016) verify

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12 thoughts on “Time may be free.

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  1. This is such an important thing to point out. This is, truly, the most important lesson I learned from my dad dying! It is the thing I am most grateful for learning when I did. I am hypersensitive to it though at times which can lead to anxiety, thinking of all the things I want to accomplish and leave/teach my children before my time is up. It has made me document much more for them than I believe I would have otherwise! Don’t dread the end or worry about it, but do remember life can be gone in an instant!


  2. Hmm,feeling motivated.I think for valuing time and using each and every second wisely,we all need to come out of our comfort zone where rather than moulding ourselves according to time,we do just the reverse.You know the irony is that after wasting it we try to justify ourselves not realizing that we are wasting more of it.:)


  3. I do not think it’s an coincidence that I stumbled upon this post! This puts a lot into perspective for me: Conformation so to speak. Thank you for sharing!


  4. “Time is not holding us.
    Time is not after us.
    Same as it ever was.”

    – David Byrne, Talking Heads

    There is nothing you can do to hasten or forestall the sunset.
    Relax, and enjoy its beauty.
    Live thusly always.

    Seek peace,


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