Let me introduce myself.

I love this following quote,

“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” –Francis Bacon

I believe it depicts all of our lives. We fill our selves with all kinds of information or misinformation, we speak these words and thoughts into existence and soon believe them… But, it’s not until we act upon them that makes us exact.

We all have a story. 

Some of us let life get in the way and let fear make the decisions for us. Others, regardless of what they’re born into or what circumstances arise later in life. Well, they are problem solvers. I was both.

Ever since I can remember I loved to write. I would always ask my parents for notebooks, needless to say, I had a grand collection by the age of eight. I loved educating myself on everything, I was a sponge. I couldn’t get enough about the world around me and people. I wanted to know everything!

Back then I knew the possibilities of me doing anything I wanted in life were real. I just had to believe and go for it. Nothing could stop me! I was autonomous, but still obeyed and respected my parents, after all, I understood they were providing for me.

Many things happened during those years, but I was resilient. It wasn’t until I was ten and eleven years of age that two drastic things happened… It changed my life and made me lose myself. I was confused and didn’t understand, everything I knew and believed didn’t matter anymore.

I didn’t care, I burnt all of my notebooks, and stopped writing and educating myself. I started conforming to the “social norm”. Even though there was a small flame inside me wanting to come out and be myself again, I suppressed it.“What for?” I would ask myself. 

I guess you could say, I dumbed down just to fit in. I went through many phases just to see what new personality would fit me so I could choose one. I never did, people could see right through me. The people I was around knew I didn’t belong, they would question me. Verbatim, “What are you still doing here?”

And when I would be around wealthy people, business people, professional speakers, etc. They always saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself. And, it wasn’t until I started searching for myself that I could finally see it.

In 2012 I met this man, my mentor, someone I can call a friend. He inspired me to educate myself again, and in a way nurtured my mind periodically throughout the years. He pushed me to challenge myself, to motivate myself and love it. He saw who I was before I realized it.

My thoughts started to change. I started to read and write again. I started seeking to be better, to do better, to be who I was meant to be. I started pushing away the fake things I had attracted into my life and redirecting my energy and new beliefs to attract the things I wanted into my life… The things that made me happy.

I’ve become a problem-solver, and I want to share my experiences and everything I know. After all what good does all this knowledge do me if I hide it?

My name is Karen Viramontes, I’m a writer. I am full, I am ready, and I am exact. 


16 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself.

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  1. Of all the choices to made in life, I think the most important is whether to accept or challenge. You’ve opted for challenge, and this helps make you a writer. The next word or sentence to follow is a challenge, and the one after that and the one after that until you’re done with the piece or poem.

    Thank you for liking my comment!


  2. ‘After all what good does all this knowledge do me if I hide it.’ This is one of the biggest reasons I try and share things, to help others because like you said, what good is knowledge if it’s never shared, when it can positively influence and help change lives! I really like your style of writing and found your experience very relatable! So much so, it gives me hope that perhaps maybe one day I will be full, total and exact too, maybe ~


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