New York, Leadership Summit.

Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

Pain = Progress 

Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

More than once

My part of the "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

Let go

My "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

The time given

Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

Building and Shaping 

Building and Shaping the life I want has really become addictive. I feel like I'm heading in the right direction. As if I finally found my purpose. And this blogging platform and community, has really been inspiring, supportive, and motivational for me. I'm feeling very grateful. I'm happy! Excited for what's to come.

Most fatal illusion 

​"The most fatal illusion is the narrow point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a Fixed point of view kills anybody who has one." -Brooks Atkinson ____________________________________ Something to really reflect on. __________________________________ My "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"


I learned that when you don't make any type of decisions in your life. Those decisions will usually make you... It's like giving up control of what you once had control over... Willingly. Kind of sad if you think about it. Because, that's when most people will usually start blaming others and life, for the … Continue reading Decisions 

A tree begins with a seed 

​"A tree begins with a seed."  -Arabic Proverb I'm grateful for all the great people who wrote a Book (in self-development, entrepreneurship, spirituality...), who are mentors, who have learned the techniques of human thoughts and ways. And have or are sharing that knowledge to help others. For those who want to be at their best … Continue reading A tree begins with a seed 

Bare with me: Relaunching 

"...Plus!! Free Stuff!! Who likes FREE stuff?? It won't matter where you live, if you follow me (this blog) and want to get free stuff, you will have the Opportunity to do so. This is still a work in progress for later in this year, so bare with me."