Lifestyle vs. Temporary Fads 

(Lifestyle/Health/Mind)"... So you repeat this and hurt your body, because you can not keep a healthy lifestyle. There's an old saying that, Anything truly worth having is worth fighting for. Life is not a quick fix! It's not an instant 5 minutes in the microwave and it's done. Health doesn't come from an antibiotic pill..."

100% My Responsibility 

(Writing) ​ "Yes everything is 100% my responsibility. No, I can't prevent what someone thinks of me or what they choose to do. They have a mind of their own, and a mouth to speak with just like I do."

Truly Change

The moment you finally realize you are only struggling with yourself, is the moment you can truly make a change. _________________________________________ Part of my "Positivity Reset: The 60 Day Challenge"

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