One’s Philosophy 

(Writing/Lifestyle) “You get what you pay for. You pay respect, you get respect. You do your time, you get your time. Don’t value yourself, I won’t either. Don’t take yourself seriously, neither will I. It’s so simple, it’s one or the other, Your Choice! Your actions determine my interactions with you… This ain’t just me, it’s also the rest of the world.” -Karen Viramontes; 2016 ©Copyright; All Rights Reserved.

The show is on

(Writing) "...Especially our children, who repeat what we say and do. Some times we fail to realize that how others see us is how they will act. When we get upset at them, we really aren’t upset with them. We are mad and upset with ourselves, because they only reflect us as we put ourselves out there in the world for them to see. We make it okay, because we do it."

Time May Be Free

(Writing) Each one of us has a certain amount of time to experience life. To love, to lose, to learn, to grow, to carry out our dreams and become what we’re destined to be. But, most of us fail to realize that from today on out our time is cut shorter. We start losing time and none of us know how much time we have left. Our individual life span is a mystery.

Lifestyle vs. Temporary Fads 

(Lifestyle/Health/Mind)"... So you repeat this and hurt your body, because you can not keep a healthy lifestyle. There's an old saying that, Anything truly worth having is worth fighting for. Life is not a quick fix! It's not an instant 5 minutes in the microwave and it's done. Health doesn't come from an antibiotic pill..."

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